On Sunday August 4th Windhorse International sponsored a clinic with Jason Wright and Bettina Drummond.  Here's what the attendees had to say! 

A couple of notes about our clinic from clients -

The clinic was a great success! Bronson and I enjoyed the  enlightening lecture, learning more about our bodies, the exercises practiced to enhance proper spinal alignment, and much more. I particularly loved learning about my lower half on the large ball. I hope for a trial ride on Cal this week using Bettina's suggestions. Bronson is looking forward to working with Jason again. He looked more relaxed after his bodywork!
Thanks to all for taking the time to make the morning possible! Have a feeling Cal will be grateful too.

I thoroughly enjoyed this past weekend's clinic.  I thought Jason was very inspirational; and so poised on his feet and in his body.   I would love to work with him again and would sign up for an assessment the next time. As usual I think Bettina was wonderful. She is so intuitive about just what the rider needs to sit better and stay in better balance.   Thanks for offering us this opportunity, Glenna

AuthorSharon Knies