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Finessing the Double Bridle with Bettina Drummond and Dr. Jane Marie Manfredi

Bettina Drummond riding her stallion Ilyad.  Photo by Mari Austad-Bourque

Bettina Drummond riding her stallion Ilyad.  Photo by Mari Austad-Bourque

A new program focused on educating riders through “feel” is being launched during an inaugural demonstration scheduled for August 30-31 at Windhorse International in Bethlehem, Connecticut. The inaugural event, open to all with an interest in how to achieve the tact and finesse that leads to lightness in riding, will feature demonstrations of the training techniques – particularly use of the double bridle and the seat – that lead to lightness. Dr. Jane Marie Manfredi, of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Michigan State University, will also be on hand to present results from decades of research on equine biomechanics that she conducted along with other members of a research team led by Dr. Hilary Clayton.

Windhorse International is pleased to offer the opportunity to view two full days of demonstrations with Bettina Drummond and Dr. Jane Marie Manfredi,

Finessing the Double Bridle was originally scheduled to take place with Dr. Hilary Clayton.  Dr. Clayton has been asked to speak at the WEG (World Equestrian Games) in Normandy, France this year and has asked Dr. Manfredi to present her work on the use of the snaffle bit.  This will work in conjunction with Bettina Drummond's first day of demonstrations and explanations of the use of the snaffle in the double bridle and the la Guérinière square.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is not a clinic, there are no riding opportunities.  Bettina has hand selected riders to demonstrate her points. There will be many opportunities to ask questions and view the process of developing lightness through the use of the double bridle.

Tentative Schedule (click to enlarge):

Saturday:  12:00 PM Dr. Jane Manfredi will present Dr. Hilary Clayton's research on Bits and Bitting

This talk is based on a series of studies performed over a period of 30 years with the objective of providing a scientific foundation for making choices about the appropriate bit for a specific horse with regard to the size and shape of the mouthpiece, and adjustment of the bit within the horse’s oral cavity. The studies used radiographic images and videos to visualize the position of different bits inside the horse’s mouth and to watch the movements of the horse’s jaws and tongue as he mouths the bit. The results have shown that bits vary in the position of the mouthpiece relative to the bars of the mouth, the hard palate, the teeth and the tongue. The results suggest that pressure of the bit against the hard palate is particularly uncomfortable and likely to cause resistance. Differences in oral conformation between horses may explain some of the individual preferences for a certain type of bit but do not entirely explain why a particular bit works well in a specific horse. Therefore, bitting can be based on scientific principles that take account of conformational variations but there is also an element of art in choosing and fitting a bit correctly.

There will be a luncheon and question and answer session (limited seating/reservations required) with Ms. Drummond, Dr. Manfredi and Padma Karma on Saturday after the lecture.

On Sunday Ms Drummond will continue demonstrations showing the progression and use of the the double bridle and seat to create lightness.  A box lunch is available to order.

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$135.00 - Audit 08/30 Workshop

Saturday Luncheon Sold Out.

$135.00 - Audit 08/31 Workshop

Sunday Luncheon Sold Out.