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½ day seat and position clinic

Please join the Windhorse International team for a unique opportunity to work on your position with Bettina Drummond and Jason Wright.  Working side by side they will analyze and start the process of retraining the riders’ body to correctly influence the horse.

Two riders at a time will ride for Bettina.  She will analyze the riders position and suggest problem areas to Jason.  The rider will dismount, Jason will work on stretching the problem area, the rider will re-mount and Bettina will make additional suggestions/comments designed to further help the rider and Jason identify and stretch (with follow up exercises designed to further strengthen) problem areas.  Each session is approximately 1 1/2 hour long.

This clinic is limited to 6 riders, with preference given to Windhorse International boarders.  Reservations and payment in advance is required.

Payment accepted via check Payable Windhorse International or PayPal

Sunday: 90 minute semi-private session with Jason and Bettina $175.00
Overnight Stall: $25.00 per night
Audit Fee