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Three day retreat for horse and rider with Bettina Drummond and Jason Wright

Bettina and Ilyad photo by Mari Austad-Bourque

Bettina and Ilyad photo by Mari Austad-Bourque

Windhorse International, in conjunction with Bettina Drummond and Jason Wright, is pleased to invite you to our sixth 3 day Retreat Weekend. This retreat, using time established techniques designed to balance horse and rider's mind and body, will be held June 16, 17 and 18.

Each day will begin with a short, professionally led, meditation designed to settle the mind and enable the student to better "hear" what the teacher has to offer.

On Friday, after a guided morning meditation session, Bettina will offer 45 minute individual sessions with an emphasis on the use the of seat to sustain a correct hand position and thereby properly influencing the balance of the horse.

On Saturday morning, after meditation, Bettina and Jason will hold a brief talk, and a Q&A period.  Following the talk Jason will work one-on-one with each rider, he will focus on aspects of the body Bettina has identified are in need work.  For more information about Jason visit our WI Community page.

On Sunday, after meditation, Bettina and Jason will follow up with everyone for a 1 hour individual session focusing on the effective use of the seat,  Bettina will be working in tandam with Jason to guide you through any specific items identified as problems areas in need of work.

Luncheons will be held in our yoga room on all three days.

Windhorse International offers a tranquil setting for focusing one's energies and learning joyfully with like-minded people. We hope that you are intrigued by our thought-provoking agenda and that this retreat will take you and your horse to new levels of understanding. In order to maximize opportunities for one-on-one instruction, we are capping the available spots at nine. If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible to make reservations.  Due to the need to develop an interdependence between horse and rider this is a closed weekend and no auditors are allowed.

Here's what past participants have to say about their experience:

"The combination of Bettina working with Jason is extremely powerful. Bettina can see immediately any weakness that the rider's body has (and we all have our strengths and weaknesses) as well as see the horse's strengths and weaknesses, and, how the two impact each other. Jason, upon hearing Bettina's observations about the rider, then translates it into customized body work and exercises. To have those physical changes made real time and then be able to ride immediately again for me, meant that I could feel the shift, see the difference in my horse, and remember it after the clinic. And this is on top of Bettina's thorough understanding of seat aids and ability to communicate it to the rider. I highly recommend these clinics and try myself to attend as many as I can."  Lesley P., VT

Retreat pricing includes:

  • Private riding session with Bettina Drummond
  • Ball and Mat seat session with Bettina Drummond
  • One private session with Jason Wright (based upon critique from Bettina)
  • One session with Bettina and Jason working in tandem on your seat 
  • Three meditation sessions
  • Three luncheons
  • Wine & cheese get together
  • Talks and/or Q&A sessions with Bettina Drummond, Jason Wright, Padma Karma
  • 3 nights of Individualized care of your horse during his/her stay (all you need to worry about is bringing hay and grain, we'll do the rest)

All times and sessions are subject to change.

Three Day Retreat for Horse and Rider: $750.00
Number of nights:

For information about hotels in the area visit our Contact page.

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