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Liberty ground work with Farah DeJohnette

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Farah DeJohnette specializes in improving Connection, Communication and partnership using the innovative Liberty-Ground-Mounted progression to create deep connection and soft foundations for technical training. Re-patterning common issues with kindness and bio-mechanical correctness. Classical Dressage based, True Natural Horsemanship, and Articulate riding, for Competition, Pleasure, English and Western. No Rope Halters or Round Pens needed. Gadget free training putting the "Fun!" back in Fun-da-Mentals. Creative, fun approaches for the Natural Performance horse. Specializing in working with fearful riders. All disciplines welcome. "Equine friendly training".

In this clinic Farah will cover:

  • The 10 natural herd exercises that build a true Bond and Connection that is the foundation for all other areas of interaction and training with your horse.

  • How to communicate better to shorten learning time using Equine social herd exercises the horses use them selves.

  • How to get the performance and relationship experience you want by prioritizing your connection and relationship.

  • How to read, improve and maintain various aspects of your connection with your horse.

  • How to get in the right mind set and energy to work with your horse.

  • How to turn challenges into game changers, trust, and connection builders.

  • How to make it fun for you and your horse to learn exercises on the ground that improve your relationship and partnership in the saddle;

  • How to take a giant step forward in both your relationship and your training.

  • How to overcome any fear or trauma associated with your horse.

  • How to utilize Natural Response Innate Training cues and Body Language so training becomes much easier, fun, harmonious and simpler for both of you.

  • How to establish a true Bond, How to get your horse to want and choose to be with you and do things with you. We will cover the steps to build a connection with any horse in a way you never dreamed possible!

For more information about Farah visit her on the WI Community page.

The clinic is full, but audit space is available.