Bettina Drummond

Bettina Drummond offers clinics and retreat opportunities for adult amateurs here at Windhorse International.  Please read more about her and her program to advance the opportunities of young riders, professionals and adult amateurs at:

Please consider donating to her organization: THE ASSOCIATION FOR THE PROMOTION OF THE ART OF HORSEMANSHIP IN AMERICA a registered 501 (3) c corporation.

Lynndee Kemmet

Lynndee Kemmet grew up in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Southern Colorado where Western riding dominated. Her first instructors were cowboy trainers. When she wasn’t spending her days riding the prairie lands, Lynndee, active in the 4-H Horse Club, kept busy showing in Western riding and competing in gymkhanas. After college, she was introduced to Thoroughbreds while working as an exercise rider and groom for race horses at a Thoroughbred breeding and training facility in Massachusetts. It was during her time in the East that Lynndee was also introduced to the sports of show jumping and eventing and made the switch from Western riding.

She left the East and headed back West to finish graduate school and soon after began her career as journalist. She worked as a daily news reporter for Gannett in California while also launching her career as an equestrian sports journalist. It was also during her time in California that she began training in eventing. It was her coach, Allen Thompson, who, believing that dressage was the key to success in eventing, pushed her toward the study of dressage.

After several years in California, Lynndee returned to the East and settled in New York with the intention of continuing her training in eventing. But then one day, she was interviewing Bettina Drummond for an article. At one point during the interview the conversation turned to problems that Lynndee was having with her Thoroughbred mare. Bettina offered to drop by and help sort out the mare. One lesson with Bettina was all it took to set Lynndee on a new direction in her career as a rider and trainer. That first encounter has resulted in a nearly two decade friendship and Lynndee gratefully acknowledges the tremendous generosity of Bettina in providing amazing opportunities over the years for her to advance her education as a rider and trainer.

In addition to continuing her dressage education, Lynndee is also busy developing a breeding program at Har-Lynn Farms in New York, which she co-owns with her business partner Harold LaDue. The farm is focused on producing Lusitano crosses for adult amateurs.

Lynndee is available for training at Windhorse International three days per week.


Ship-in's are welcome for training with Lynndee.  Please ask for details.