From Ashley Ferrato, 2015 participant:

The 2015 young riders camp at Windhorse International was an incredible experience. It was such a well rounded program that was both educational and enjoyable. Everyone at Windhorse welcomes you as part of their family and over the course of the week you really develop a strong bond with the other campers. You spend hours everyday with each other, share meals, sleep, and learn together, it's so much fun. We slept outside in an elevated tent in the woods, but it was comfortable and beautiful. Windhorse International is such a great facility all around. Everyday, twice a day, we had a stretch and meditation session. It took some practice but it significantly helped in your riding and lessons because it taught you to calm your mind and stay focused on the trainer, your body, and the horse. We cared for our horses everyday, helped out with the farm, and every afternoon we had a professional visit us to teach and demonstrate their profession. We learned from a farrier, dentist, acupuncturist, USDA representative, and a dietitian. It gave us a well rounded general background of proper care and management of ourselves, our horses and the environment in a very hands-on way. It also opened my mind to looking deeper into myself, my horse, nature and the way they all impact each other. We prepared all of our meals ourself and learned about proper nutrition and how it affects us throughout the day. In addition, we took hikes through the woods to learn more about nature and also about healthy wild foods. I had a riding lesson everyday with Bettina Drummond and once I finished I was able to watch the other camper's lessons. I benefited so much more because we all had different strengths and weaknesses and we could help each other out, relate, and talk about everything we learned which helped me to understand on a whole new level. At the end of the week there was a whole day dedicated to discussing everything I personally accomplished, but more importantly how I was going to continue everything I learned. This is really how the program went above and beyond. I learned and incredible amount but it didn't stop there, I was able to take everything I now knew and translate it to my life at home, continue the new habits I developed, and it even guided me in the right direction to grow more. I set goals and opened new doors of opportunity in my entire lifestyle. The young riders program has so many aspects and was an absolutely wonderful experience. It was actually more then an experience, my time there was an adventure. It was an adventure that I will never forget, it created so many memories that will last forever. I came all the way from Florida to Connecticut and this was absolutely worth it, I highly recommend this program. I had so much fun and it was so hard to leave, but all I can say is I can't wait to go back! 

- Ashley Ferrato  


From Susan Houghton (mother of camper Holland Houghton)

Thank-you and thank-you and thank-you.  As a parent, I know I cannot own my child.  I can only show her the light I use to lead me, a light of truth and compassion, self-awareness and tolerance, generosity and forgiveness.  If I practice these things, she will see it brings me peace, even when the world around me is not at peace.  She will see that the light I use to guide me, also radiates from me and attracts the same kind. If someone with that light comes along and helps her on her journey, I am most grateful. I believe you and Bettina are two of those people.  What you've done for Holland is priceless.  I am most grateful.

- Susan Houghton